BARIGO 44ST DIGITAL WEATHER STATION COMPASS TIMER The extremely useful Barigo 44ST Digital Weather ..
Measuring Range: 0º C~ 45º C Wind Speed Measuring Range: 0.3~ 45m/ s Wind volume Range: 0~ 9999m3/..
Automatic Level
Nikon' s world-renowned optics, which give you brighter, clearer images and an improved minimum focu..
Battery Tester
Resistance Measurement 3 m-Ohm to 3 Ohm, 4 ranges, 1 µ -Ohm resolution max. Voltage Measurement 6 o..
Aspherical eyepiece lens eliminates image distortion • Multilayer-coated lenses and large objective..
Altek’ s Model 211 RTD Calibrator lets you simulate and read RTDs over the entire industrial tempera..
HANNA has developed the HI 96710 to measure pH, free chlorine and total chlorine — three critical pa..
Clam Meter
The Fluke 322 is designed to verify the presence of load current, AC voltage and continuity of circu..
Coating Thickness
Automatic substrate recognition Magnetic induction for ferrous substrates Eddy current measurement..
Display 18 mm ( 0.7 " ) LCD, 3 1/ 2 digits., 3 1/ 2 digits, max. display 1999. Measurement & 1..
Density Meter
DM40 is a 4 place digital LiquiPhysics™ Excellence density meter for measurement of density, specifi..
DO Meter
Waterproof CyberScan DO 300 Dissolved Oxygen Meter ( Backlit) with 3m cable electrode, 1 assembled m..

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